The Real Face-Off: Progressive Web Apps vs. Native Apps
Mobile Application Development Company
by Kanika Arora | July 2018

In current era, mobile apps have become an important part of a brand’s digital marketing effort. As a result, the businesses are divided into two kinds – the ones that use mobile apps for marketing and sales and the ones that don’t. In this era, almost every business agrees with the huge impact an app has on its customer experience and brand engagement.

With Mobile App Development reaching new heights, there are plenty of brands that are inclined towards affordable app building. Hence, companies like Techcraftz offer them – Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Native Apps.

Know more about Progressive Web Apps:

Also known as Hybrid apps, Progressive web apps offer “an app like experience” to the users with a web browser in the full-screen mode inside a website. There are several benefits of using PWA and it’s not just its functionality and features. Although native apps are versatile and can be written for anything, PWAs can stop several issues associated with native app development. Reasons to use PWA:
• Affordable Entry Cost
• Avoids Bureaucracy of App Store
• Responsive Design
• Universally Compatible
• Uncomplicated Experience

Know more about the Native Apps:

Even though progressive web apps solve the problem of compatibility and on-boarding, it has created a new problem, as it doesn’t interact with the device it runs on. The Operating System and the device make the browser feasible, and it’s the browser that delivers the PWA experience. The added layer of software-running-software acts as a barrier between the device and progressive web apps. This barrier provides benefit to the native apps in many areas. Reasons to use this app:
• Smarter
• Interaction with other apps
• Near Field Communication Support
• Geo-Fencing
• Runs Swiftly

The Verdict:

Both Progressive and Native web apps have several differences and deciding which one is better can be a bit difficult. The choice entirely depends on the business owners for the kind of apps they want.
If you want a basic app that is easier for customers to shop and interact with, then PWA is the best option. It works great for small businesses for they have a tight budget for creating a compelling mobile app.

For the businesses that want to take full advantage of smartphones and its abilities, native apps are the way for them. A native app provides a better user experience when installed. Hence, Techcraftz recommends using PWA or Native web apps depending on your business.