3 Social Media Marketing Practices that are ruling in 2018
by Akash Srivastava | September 2018

Brands are looking for new ways to connect with audiences across several social media platforms. With the increasing competition, it has become tougher than ever to hold the attention of the visitors. Hence, companies are ensuring that their content marketing campaigns and strategies are at par.

Most importantly, it is crucial to remember that great content is the key to success. With digital and content marketing evolving – brands are trying to get a desired reaction from the customers.

From branding to generating and distributing compelling content via social media is not just important but absolutely necessary. Below written are some amazing social media marketing practices that are making noise this 2018.

Increase in Talent Investment:

Companies like Techcraftz Solutions have understood the importance of social media from the standpoint of brand awareness and consumer engagement. This is one of the reasons there is an investment of tangible resources in developing social strategies. The continuous emphasis on finding individuals to create consistent quality content for social media platforms is higher than ever.

Promoting the same content on every platform isn’t going to make any difference now. In this year, companies have to create engaging and attractive content to hold the attention of the audiences across every social platform.

Mobile-Ready Content:

Smartphones account for half of all the time spent in engagement with digital media. With consumers using social media on their smart devices, it is expected that more and more brands will spend resources on creating content for mobile devices.

Mobile-ready content should be easy-to-navigate and simple with only a little scrolling and some important tap for engagement.

The Rise in Rich Content Production:

It is a given that richer content drives more audience engagement. But what actually is ‘rich content’?

It is nothing but any content that enhances and facilitates user interaction, like, for example, videos. Generally, videos are considered as rich content that needs the viewer to click on the ‘play’ button. Another good example is social media campaigns like a Facebook or Twitter poll. The poll allows the audiences to give their opinion on a specific subject. For the social media marketers, it is nothing less than a win-win situation, as they are distributing content that urges users to interact while they collect on consumer insights as well.

It can be safely said that social media offers incredible opportunities that allow companies like Techcraftz Solutions to build solid relationships with their customers.