3 Advantages of Automated Testing in Web Development
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by Diwanshu Jangira | August 2018

Almost all micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have now grasped the importance of automated testing process. It helps them focus on their e-commerce operations and online services. But, failing this would make them unable to deal with the expenses suffered due to service delays and performance issues.

The significance of Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance is one of the most crucial processes in the software industry. Any organisation developing an end-to-end system or an application knows its value. It is rather common for companies to outsource the quality assurance part of the software cycle. But, it is also necessary to understand that not all website testing services are equally developed.

Nowadays, automated testing is a trend in the industry, although manual testing has its places in some situations. Test automation software is used to create automated tests for the software that is in the development process. Below written are some of the advantages of test automation that will help you to improve the quality of your web development. Let’s find out:

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a kind of software testing that confirms whether the previously tested and developed software performs the same way after going through changes. One of the common issues faced during development is that the tested functionality might stop working in the production environment. Therefore, the solution to this issue is automated testing, which is swift, accurate and pinpoints the things that go wrong. The real value of automated testing is not in the testing software but in an effective, affordable and time-saving regression testing.

Supporting Scrum

Wouldn’t it be cool if automated testing could give the most-sought-after thing of web development? It is your customer’s happiness. But to honest when do you think they are really happy? Simple, when they know and understand the project and whether everything is going on properly. With automated testing, companies like Techcraftz Solutions develops a specification system with situations and examples that help to describe project requirements understood by managers, testers, developers and clients.

Return on Investment

Manual testing takes a lot of resources as well as time. The sensitive test cases coverage with automated testing ends with a solid ROI. These tests are not used several times in the project, but their features can be used in other projects. Of course, ROI doesn’t come instantly as it needs long-term planning, but it is important in automated testing of big projects.